Connections to career

Design Principle 4/6

Preliminary criteria

  1. Career Development Education (CDE) is integral to the early college program design, with career awareness, exploration and/or immersion activities included in the program across the four years of high school.
  2. Program is designed to incorporate in-depth and comprehensive college and career counseling that aligns to the necessary elements of individual learning plans.
  3. College and career counseling and education incorporates relevant regional and statewide labor market data as a method to inform students about career opportunities beyond college and supports students to make the connection between that information and their potential pathways.
  4. Specific career and college counseling will be part of the early college program plan, including the guided use of individualized learning plans beginning in 9th grade.
  5. Program will engage area employers to support connections between education and career.
  6. Courses offered as part of the early college program will be aligned with multiple postsecondary and degree pathways.



Models and Examples


Final Designation Criteria

The applicant shall continue to meet all criteria requisite for Preliminary Designation. In addition, the applicant must provide:

  1. Proposed career development education activities, by grade level, that include awareness, exploration, and/or immersion (internships, proposed career pathways) that consider labor market information.
  2. A plan for proposed career development education activities for students. This plan should include specific employer contacts in order to demonstrate a commitment of community businesses and other partners, with the goal of exposing students to a variety of career options and internship opportunities.
  3. Identification of the higher education partner’s commitment and resources to help support connections between education and career.
  4. Incorporation and integration of an online tool for use in college and career counseling.

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